C1 to C6 Spectrum In Church Planting Among Muslims

While Christian apologists are gnashing their teeth and accusing Muslims of performing “taqqiya” (which is an exclusively Shia doctrine and originally intended for self-preservation), a missiologist by the name of “John Travis” (a pseudonym) came up with the fancy-sounding “C1 to C6 Spectrum” as part of the missionary effort at “contextualizing” church planting and proselytization to Muslims.

John Travis describes this spectrum as follows:

The C1 – C6 Spectrum compares and contrasts types of “Christ-centered communities” (groups of believers in Christ) found in the Muslim world. The six types in the spectrum are differentiated by language, culture, worship forms, degree of freedom to worship with others, and religious identity. All worship Jesus as Lord and core elements of the gospel are the same from group to group. The spectrum attempts to address the enormous diversity which exists throughout the Muslim world in terms of ethnicity, history, traditions, language, culture, and, in some cases, theology. This diversity means that myriad approaches are needed to successfully share the gospel and plant Christ-centered communities among the world’s one billion followers of Islam. The purpose of the spectrum is to assist church planters and Muslim background believers to ascertain which type of Christ-centered communities may draw the most people from the target group to Christ and best fit in a given context. All of these six types are presently found in some part of the Muslim world.“The C1 to C6 Spectrum,” Evangelical Missions Quarterly, 34:3 (October 1998)

If this is not called deception, we honestly do not know what is!